October 2, 2022 The Hidden Jewel 7611 Clay Dr. Blue Ridge, TX 75424
Backyard Starts at 12 pm
King of the Hill starts at 4 pm

We have 2 tournaments that will take place for our first ever cornhole tournament! We will have a Backyard and a King of the Hill tournament. To register, below you will find the links to each tournament. There it will take you to download an app called Scoreholio. Create your free profile and then follow the links to the respective tournaments! Backyard division will have a rating cutoff at 50 or below to rule out the sandbaggers! $40 entry into the backyard tournament and $60 entry into the King of the Hill tournament. We also have lane sponsorship opportunities, $1000 for a set of custom cornhole boards with your company name with bags and a scoring tower!

This event will be very family friendly! We will have food trucks, drink wristbands, side games and raffles! Come bring the family, throw some bags and support Creek and Timber Legacy!
Backyard Tournament
King of the Hill Tournament
Join CTL for a 3 day outdoor adventure experience encompassing:
– An introduction to pistol and rifle marksmanship
( Learn how to safely and effectively handle a pistol and rifle while understanding the fundamentals of pistol and rifle marksmanship)
– Wilderness & Trauma medicine
(Learn how to identify life threatening emergencies and common wilderness injuries as well as how to treat them)
– Land navigation
(Learn how to read a map, understand terrain and navigate any environment)
–  Survival skills
 (Learn how to build fires, filter water, dress animals and create a survival shelter)
– Team building and exercises
(A full day of fun and competitive exercises encompassing everything learned the two days prior)