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Latest Newsletter

Newsletter Update December 27th

The year is coming to a close at Creek and Timber Legacy. We have some great updates to share with you and some great adventures to tell you about.

Creek and Timber Legacy Classes

Adventure Series

Join CTL for a 3 day outdoor adventure experience encompassing:
– An introduction to pistol and rifle marksmanship
– Wilderness & Trauma medicine
– Land navigation
–  Survival skills
– Team building and exercises

Creek and Timber Legacy Classes

Training Classes

Join CTL for multiple class opportunities
– Pistol Fundamentals
– Advanced Pistol 1
– Carbine Fundamentals
– Advanced Carbine 1
– Concealment Shooting
– Home Defense
– Group Home Defense
– 1 on 1 Training
– 2 Person Training
– Preserver 1 & 2
– Tactical Causality Care
– Stop the Bleed

BeTheDifference – PodCast

This month Creek and Timber Legacy’s own Justin Arrant got the opportunity to be a part of the B.Y.O.B. Podcast with Dan Carson. Below is the podcast. Thank you for having us.


Creek and Timber Legacy has had quite a few Adventures this month. Check out our gallery to see photos of the weekends.