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Sitka Gear

SITKA Gear was born from the belief that the experience of hunting is as important — if not more important — than the harvest. Going places few people go and enduring weather that keeps most hunters home is the fabric of our Tribe. We live for the uncommon experiences and awe-inspiring moments found through the pursuit.

3L Hunting Adventures

3L Hunting Adventures is a family owned and operated business, 3L specializes in Dove, Whitetail, and Exotic hunts and is located an Hour west of Fort Worth Texas.

Shady Trell Ranch

Shady Trell Ranch, your premier hunting destination in Jacksboro, Texas. Nestled on 1,500 acres of woods, springs, rock cliffs and prairies, Shady Trell is dedicated to your hunting experience. Offering numerous types of hunts from a large selection of premium trophy Whitetail to magnificent exotics, you are sure to have the hunt of a lifetime at our established North Texas hunting venue.

Paine Insurance Group

Paine Insurance Group’s licensed insurance agents in McKinney, TX can provide same-day service for your personal and business needs. You need the right policy, at the right price, in the right time, and we are here to deliver! We can quote insurance for home, auto, life, and business coverage based on your property value and your budget.

Accufire Technology

Accufire Technology is a firearm optics manufacturer based out of Dallas, TX. We take pride in offering professional quality optics at an affordable price point to the masses. We currently hold 16 US patents and counting, and all of our product designs have been thoroughly tested by over 50 industry experts. Our unique optics offer a vast selection of unique, high-quality features, including state-of-the-art night vision capabilities.

Eagle Retirement Group

Eagle Retirement Group, LLC works with entrepreneurs, small business owners, busy professionals, real people and the modern family. We provide our clients with plans for their future, their goals and how to accomplish them using many different tools and our network of experts.

B4 Hunting Adventures

Since 1847 my Family has raised cattle and hunted on this Ranch. Through years of management practices, we produce Trophy wild game.

We offer 5 star Meals & Lodging and can accommodate large groups of hunters or an all exclusive hunt.

Asterisk Roofing

Asterisk Roofing is a faith based company with 50 plus years of combined industry experience, with the goal of resurrecting the value of honest roofing and construction contractors. We specialize in roof repairs and replacements, fence repairs and replacements, painting, patios, remodels, decks, and much much more.

Established in 2009, CBG Surveying carries on a proud tradition of building lasting relationships by making our client’s lives better. Through hard work and determination, the Connally Brother’s father, Doug, grew his company, DC&A, into one of the most respected and recommended surveying companies in North and East Texas by treating customers like family. The Connally brothers have carried on and ingrained this tradition in the culture of CBG, and we believe in doing things the right way, being an expert resource for our clients, and making a positive impact on the lives of those we touch throughout the communities we serve. These are the values that prevail at CBG Surveying today, and these values are what make us different. Over the years, CBG Surveying has continued to grow and now serves North, East, and South Texas.